Improved enhancement system

– Enhancement system has been revised according to player suggestions.
+ The risk of having an item reset (while using imperviums) to a lower enhancement level has been removed.
+ The default enhancement system isn’t motivating for players at all, we believe this is an important step towards higher game quality.

General equipment

Enhancement Impervium reset down remain
+4 to +5 Amount: 0 0% 0% 100%
+5 to +6 Amount: 1 0% 0% 100%
+6 to +7 Amount: 1 5% 25% 70%
+6 to +7 Amount: 2 0% 0% 100%

Bristia equipment

Enhancement Impervium reset down remain
+4 to +5 Amount: 0 0% 0% 100%
+5 to +6 Amount: 1 10% 25% 65%
+5 to +6 Amount: 2 0% 0% 100%
+6 to +7 Amount: 1 25% 25% 50%
+6 to +7 Amount: 2 10% 25% 65%
+6 to +7 Amount: 3 0% 0% 100%

Newest feature, flash sales!

– Introduction of Flash sales (cheaper cash shop items)
+ The NPC ‘Market Manager’ at ‘City of Auch’ will sell random premium items at a 50% discount.
+ It will take place twice a day (13:00 and 15:00).
+ The amount of items you can buy is limited per account.
+ This event is supposed to be permanent.

This new feature should serve as an incentive to new players, since premium characters will be a lot cheaper. All listed items can become discounted, there are no exceptions.

Long time no post!

It has been a long time I updated the blog, today I had about 30 minutes of leisure time so I thought, hey lets give it a try.

Most likely what major changes happened since the last post?

  1. Customizing hotkeys is now officially supported. The tool “Hotkey.exe” used to be broken for ages on both official and our server. Gladly we got it to work with help of some players. Once again, thanks!
    For those who are curious, a guide can be found here.
  2. Clan war (PVP) has been disabled on various maps, in order to stop some nasty ganking that occured lately. Most of the time new players suffered under these circumstances.

Following maps have clan war disabled:

+ The Tetra Ruins, Porto Bello, Al Quelt Moreza
+ The Reboldoeux Stone Pit, The Cathari Falls, Topolo Durga
+ Vegas Javier, Ustiur – Ustiur Jungle Area 4, Prison de Joaquin – The Mohrgus,
+ Prison de Joaquin – Torture Chamber, Prison de Joaquin – Schivarliere, Prison de Joaquin – Gehenna Bridge

+ The Lava Plateau of Joaquin, El Canon de Diabolica, Prison de Joaquin – Altar of Despair
+ El Ruina de Memoria, Prison de Joaquin – Corridor of Assize, Mansion of Dr. Torsche – Reception Hall
+ Mansion of Dr. Torsche – Grand Library, Mansion of Dr. Torsche – Annex
+ Laboratory of Dr. Torsche, Al Quelt Moreza – Nartex, Al Quelt Moreza – Arcade
+ Al Quelt Moreza – Parsonage, Rion Dungeon Corridor, Rion Dungeon Hollow

+ Al Quelt Moreza Hollow, Tetra Ruins, Grand Corridor, Bahama Marshlands
+ Tetra Catacomb, Tetra Golden Road, Tetra Grand Chapel
+ The Tetra Antiquities Room, Porto Bello, The Deck, Porto Bello, The Cabin
+ Porto Bello, The Hold, Porto Bello, Hidden Deck, Porto Bello, St. Cathrina Saloon
+ The 1st Floor of Skeleton Dungeon, The 2nd Floor of Skeleton Dungeon, Battle Colosseum

+ The Room of the Dead, The Tower of Ice Wizard + 1F to 5F, Scorching Plateau
+ Ferruccio Wall, The Frozen Plain, Snowfield of the Ice Wizard
+ Deprimida Valley, Capybara Plantation – Mine Passage
+ Bahama – Swamp of Darkness, Bahama – Swamp of Eternity, Bahama – Grotto

+ Outside Bahia, Tierra Putrefacta, Cabeza de Bahia, Mansion of Dr. Torsche – Savage Garden
+ Corazon de Bahia, Tierra de los Muertos, The 3rd Floor of Skeleton Dungeon
+ Errac – Land of Day, Errac – Land of Night, Viron – Red Sunset Forest
+ Viron – Crow Forest, Viron – Blood Fog Forest, Kielce – Training Camp
+ Kielce – Night, The Shelter of Resistance

Three years anniversary

Following text has been taken directly from our website:

Exactly three years ago I created very first account and we went live. I would like to thank to everyone who is there from beginning with us, who came back after a pause and to every new face we have. You being here means our work matters and that is awesome!

Thank You and happy rGE b-day!

Im no speech writer so lets get to the good stuff. We start celebrations lightly with:

  • Open premium areas until 2015-06-21
  • Small 50% gold discount until 2015-06-21

More will be coming later ;)

Weekly maintenance

Tomorrow we will have the first maintenance in months without any actual changes. Players might wonder, why? It’s pretty simple, we are short on time and currently working on World PVP, yes, right, we are trying to make it work.

We are aware of this problem, World PVP is a must have for players, since it is broken players might stay at official servers. If we make it work, we expect another increase in player numbers.

Recently I’ve read this article:

I am wondering if this problem still occurs and how they managed to solve this, no we don’t have this issue and I’d like to gather information so we can avoid it upon upgrading to a higher version.

Honestly, I’ve seen lots of broken things within the game, but that issue is simply beyond everything else, leaves me speechless.

Feel free to respond on your own blogs or write on our forum!

4.000 Forum Members & Maintenance

We are glad to announce that we have hit the mark and now have more than 4.000 Forum members! This is quite worth a short blog entry since more than 2.000 members have joined within the last 3 months!

What else is new? We had a maintenance yesterday, these are the changes:

– Fixed various grammar mistakes on Kielce and Armonia quests.

– Fixed item description for Artifact ‘Bloody Bandage’.

– Revision for ‘Alchemy Table of Naraka’, players can obtain following items additionally now.

  • 25x Essence of Corruption/Purity/Balance
  • Enchantment Chip – Veteran
  • Enchantment Chip – Expert
  • Dream of Devil

– Price for following recipes on ‘Bounty Hunt Shop’ has been reduced:

  • Recipe – Prospe Craft, from 5.000 to 3.500 Tokens
  • Recipe – Prospe Controller, from 5.000 to 3.500 Tokens
  • Recipe – Prospe Pendant, from 5.000 to 3.500 Tokens
  • Recipe – Prospe Rosario, from 5.000 to 3.500 Tokens

– Character ‘Raven’, increased STR from 75 to 78 and DEX from 75 to 78.

– Battlefield Claude personal skill ‘Destructivo’

  • Buff duration has been changed from 200.0s to 30.0s * skill level, e.g. Skill Level 12: 360 Seconds

– Stance changes ‘Dominate the Sky’

  • Base Penetration has been increased from 0 to 5.
  • Skill ‘Rush’ – Buff duration has been increased from skill level * 5.0s to skill level * 10.0s.

– Stance changes ‘Croisement – Rapier’ & ‘Croisement – Pistol’

  • Skill ‘Positions’ – Buff gives AR & DR +1 on skill level 11, Penetration & Immunity on skill level 12.

Easter Celebration Event

– This week (2015-04-14 – 2015-04-21) everybody can collect eggs and dyes by killing monsters!

– Basic/Stance EXP and Drops will be increased by 20%.
– Renaissance Buff (Event, +1AR/DR) will be active for 1 week.
– Premium areas are free for the event period!

– Eggs have better chance of dropping at premium areas.
– Dyes have better chance of dropping at normal areas.

– Bring them to Manager NPC to paint them.
– Breaking eggs will give you range of rewards:

  • Enhanced Ampule of Steroid (Event)
  • Enhanced Potion of Steroid (Event)
  • Enhanced Liquor of Steroid (Event)
  • Melee Enhancement Ampule (Event)
  • Shooting Enhancement Ampule (Event)
  • Magic Enhancement Ampule (Event)
  • Portable Great Illier Style Spider Steak
  • Portable Great Illier Style Comodo Steak
  • Portable Great Bristia Style Capy Fish
  • Portable Great Bristia Style Stirfried Octo
  • Portable First Class Fish Sausage
  • Portable First Class Stirfried Corn
  • Portable Great Illier Style Golden Apple Pie
  • Portable Great Bristia Style Egg Stew
  • Portable Great Bristia Style Meat Stew
  • Portable Great Caborum
  • Portable Great Illier Style Wild Wild Boar Steak
  • Portable Great Illier Style Special Salad
  • Portable Great Illier Style Wolf Steak
  • Tears of Ana (Event)
  • Absorb Potions / Eagle Eye Potion / Magic Barrier Potion / Ignore Harm Potion
  • Piece of STR / Piece of AGI / Piece of HP / Piece of INT / Piece of DEX / Piece of SEN